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Tramadol Dosage

Physicians always consider different options when prescribing drugs. The second step is to choose the right dose (amount and frequency). Dosage is the measured amount of medicine that a patient needs to take every day. Every patient requires different dosage, just like different types of pain require patients to take more or less medicines.

Many people believe that the pharmacological effects can be divided into two groups: the therapeutic and adverse effects, and doctors want their patients to experience therapeutic effects, not the side effects. Despite the doctor’s efforts, the side effects will show up. It is for this reason that is important for doctors to prescribe the correct dosage to their patients. The only way to avoid the side effects by taking the correct dosage everyday. For this, doctors must thoroughly evaluate their patients to find out which dosage will be best for that patient. Depending on the patients medical conditions, doctors will vary the dosage needed accordingly. The medicine package itself contains information that is only associated with an average amount of medicine. Because of this, the recommendations of your doctor and general information brochure is always useful, but the must be adjusted to each individual patient. The amount of drug, the time between doses, and duration of treatment, all this information can only be given by your own personal doctor.

There are other medicines that have special precautions when being taken by patients. Doctors evaluate their patients even more closely before prescribing a medicine that has special precautions. A lot of patients that are on a Tramadol treatment worry drug dosage and administration. Patients may have concerns about their treatment, because they may have to change several times, as advised by their physicians. Each patient will have different experiences when taking tramadol, but it will take some time to adjust to the exact amount of treatment that needs to be taken. The tramadol dosage will different according to the type of pain, the patient’s medical history and other factors that can affect the dose of the drug.

The tramadol package contains information about what dosage pf tramadol to take. The recommended starting dosage is of 25mg per day. Then, the patient should move on to a 50-100mg dosage every 4 to 6 hours. Please keep in mind that the daily dosage of tramadol can not go over 400mg per day. You may encounter serious problems if you exceed the recommended 400mg per day. Some patients also require their doctors to prescribe them with special doses. These patients include those who suffer from renal or hepatic impairment and dialysis. Patients receiving other medications, may talk with their doctor to see if tramadol is good for them.


When taking tramadol, extreme care needs to be taken to not suffer an overdose. The lowest dose reported to be associated with death from a tramadol overdose was probably between 500mg and 1000mg in a 40kg woman, but no specific details are available on this subject. If overdose occurs, serious problems such as respiratory depression and convulsions will follow. This is why is very important not to exceed the recommended 400mg per day while taking tramadol.

If you or someone you know has suffer a tramadol overdose, the necessary steps should be taken immediately in order to avoid serious injuries. In case of overdose, the first thing to do, is to call your doctor immediately or call poison control center immediately. You also need to provide adequate ventilation with general supportive treatment. Naloxone can also be taken to help with tramdol overdose. Naloxone will revert some of the symptoms caused by a tramadol overdose, but the danger of seizure attacks will also be increased while taking Naloxone. In case of overdose, The best thing to do is to consult your personal doctor immediately or call poison control center immediately. Please remember that the recommended dosage of tramadol is up to 400mg per day, do not exceed this limit or you will overdose.

Missed Doses

Patients who have missed a dose of tramadol should take it as soon as possible. But patients should only do this if its not almost time for their next dosage. If it is almost time for their next fix, patients should forget about the missed dosage and keep on going with their normal regiment. In a case where you are not sure of what to do, your best option will be to contact your personal doctor.